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The display device is one of the important parts of the computer. The color of the display device is abnormal. It will have a great impact on our computer, and it is also very easy to feel tired. What is the abnormal color of the display and how to deal with it?
The source of the abnormal color of the display device
The display device is the I/O device, which is attributed to the computer, i. e. input and output devices. It can be divided into CRT, LCD and so on. It is a display tool that displays certain electronic files through a specific transmission device to the screen and then reflects to the human eye. Red is one of three yuan color, three yuan color is the RGB we often say, that is, R represents red color, G represents green, R represents red color, they constitute the screen everything you can see the color, first to understand that the first point is that the screen color is not normal two main sources: graphics card and display.
Display device
1、软件问题:显卡的驱动没有装好。其实即便没有驱动,显现器也会正确地显现每种色彩的,不至于呈现丢失元色的状况,可是假如驱动装置不正确却有可能呈现这个问题。如显卡的类型和驱动类型对应不一致,版别不一致等。这样的问题处理起来很简单,把原有的显卡驱动卸载重新装置即可。卸载驱动的方法是:我的电脑——右键“特点”——硬件——设备管理器——显现卡——右键——卸载。检测是否显卡驱动问题的方法很简单:以Windows XP为例,在电脑开机进入翻滚等候画面时,假如能够正确显现XP徽标上赤色而进入体系之后却无法显现,则证明显卡驱动不正确。
1, software problem: the driver of the graphics card is not loaded. In fact, even if there is no drive, the display will correctly display each color, not to lose the color of the situation, but if the driver is not correct, it is possible to present the problem. For example, the type of the graphics card is inconsistent with the driving type, and the layout is inconsistent. This problem is very simple to handle, and the original display card driver is unloaded and reinstalled. The way to unload the driver is: my computer - right click "feature" - hardware - Device Manager - display card - right click - uninstall. The method of detecting the driver problem is simple: in the case of Windows XP, when the computer is opened to roll the waiting picture, if the red color on the XP logo can be correctly displayed and the system can not appear, it proves that the driver is not correct.
2, the problem of display: the color of the display is not normal because of the hardware failure of the display device. There are many reasons for the hardware problem of the display device, such as aging of the picture tube, the wetting of the environment, the oxidation of lines and the static electricity. Different methods can be adopted according to different reasons, such as putting the display device in the ventilating place, and so on. (a lot of people like to give a cloth to the display device to prevent dust. Here dudo suggests that we use a special dustproof cover, otherwise it may cause the ventilation and heat dissipation of the display device).
3、显卡问题:显现问题是最常常呈现的问题。例如卡槽触摸不严密、显卡过热、显卡线路与元件问题等。关于卡槽不严密的问题能够拔下来重插,有时可能是因为尘埃较多,这儿需求整理一下插槽并用橡皮 等东西整理显现卡。关于显卡过热,则能够上面装置一个小电扇或许把机箱放置通风处,显卡过热形成的色彩不正常往往是刚开机的时分比较正常,使用一段时间之后开端走色。
3, the problem of graphics cards: appearing problems is the most common problem. For example, the card slot is not tightly touched, the graphics card is overheated, the video card circuit and component problems and so on. The problem of the imprecision of the slot can be pulled down and replugged. Sometimes it may be because of the more dust. Here we need to sort out the slots and arrange the cards with rubber and other things. As to the overheating of the graphics card, it is possible to install a small fan on it or to place the box in the ventilation place. The abnormal color of the overheating card is usually normal when the machine is just opened, and the color is started after a period of time.
4, wiring problem: the color of the display device is abnormal, or there may be a problem between the connecting line between the display device and the graphics card. All the color information on the graphics card is often transmitted to the display by a line of data, and if there is a problem, it may also cause a three element color loss or an abnormal color. So try to change a line.
5, line interface pin problem: the problem of the lack of red color in the display bothers me for a long time. I have used all the above methods without handling it. Finally, I talked about it in the group, and someone asked me if I had broken the needle at the interface of the video card. I pulled out the data line and looked at it. Sure enough, there was a needle in it, which did not pierce into the pinhole. Later, with straight tweezers, it was found that the color of the display was all normal, and the missing red came back.
The above is the processing method of the abnormal color of the display. If you are really uncertain, you can send it to the after-sale professional maintenance point.





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